Why Am I Not Losing Belly Fat After Weight Loss Diet and Exercise

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Many people struggle with overweight and most dream for their perfect body. It is not impossible and completely fine to dream of a healthy body; however, people are seen complaining about not losing belly fat after they have followed proper weight loss gm diet routine and regular exercise.

The reason can be anything, but the best way to lose weight fast, you should also go beyond changes to your body bacteria. Your body bacteria may be the one reason you are getting difficulty losing weight even after your proper gm diet routine.

What is Microbiome?

The microbiome is the genetic material of microbes like bacteria, viruses, and fungi that live inside the human body. These can affect how your body reacts to the gm diet plans you make for weight loss. Here is how it can make changes.

  • Bacterial Imbalance

Since microbiomes are the combination of microbes that both benefit and affect our bodies in several manners, so to maintain a better metabolism, you need to have healthy microbes in your body.
Studies show that people who have high weight tend to have lower microbiome diversity.

  • Connection between your Gut and Sleep

The thing between weight loss and sleep is connected. As the sleep hormone is formed in your brain, but most of its part resides on your gut. So when you do not have a healthy hormone on your gut, you become sleep deprived.

This process of unhealthy sleep schedule may directly harm your journey of weight loss. Since losing sleep can make fat cells 30 percent less able to deal with your fat-storing hormone. Hence, people with difficult sleep schedule may get difficulty during weight loss.

  • Leaky Gut Syndrome

People with the leaky gut syndrome can get difficulty during weight loss. They tend to have high weight and thick waist. Also, this can lead to low-grade brain inflammation, which can make your dream of getting a perfect body highly mess.It messes up the hormones that make you harder for weight loss.

Although it can make things complicated, having difficult microbes, but there are certain things that you can with taking to make things go well on your favor. The various tips for this can be:

Get Tested

If you are having problems like mentioned above, quick testing of your body should be done in order to know if you have any leaky gut syndrome or something. This can let you make sure what you can do if you are dealing with weight loss problems

Increase your Bacterial Diversity

Probiotics (bacteria that works wonders for your better metabolism and helps you promote your weight loss process) help you in balancing your microbiome. A combination of bifidobacterial, enterococcus, and lactobacillus has shown to have a positive effect on small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Foods like sauerkraut, kimchee, kombucha, and coconut kefir promote healthy bacterial diversity.

Promote Healthy SCFAs

When you add green leafy vegetables on your diet, it promotes healthy SCFAs. Also, eating lots of probiotics and fiber-containing food can help you sort out this problem.

Other reasons that you are having problems on your weight loss even after working out can be as follows along with its solution:

  • You Might not be Eating Enough Proteins

Protein is the most important thing on a weight loss diet. If you are not taking proper proteins, then you might not be losing your belly fat the way you thought.

Solution: Try taking food that is rich in proteins like broccoli, black beans, potatoes, cauliflower, corn, etc. but overeating of anything may make the results turn out opposite.

  • You Might not be Getting Enough Sleep and are Stressed Out

On most cases, when people stress something, it enhances their urge to eat more food. Also, not getting enough sleep makes you hungry for no reason. And in such a case, you like to intake more calories inside you to fulfill your hunger. This also increases the production of cholesterol in the body.

Solution: Try making your sleep schedule similar. Stop getting stressed for unnecessary reasons by meditating or replacing some habits that make you sad. Reading books or listening to some good music with a balanced diet makes it possible to stress less and have a sound sleep.

  • Your Metabolism has Decreased

With the increase in your age, your metabolism slows down.There are other reasons too for this. However, when with a slowed metabolism, if the amount of intaking calories has not changed, then you might not be losing belly fat even after diet changes.

Solution: You cannot do anything about the age increase, but you sure can stop eating things that are not good for your health according to your age. Or simple exercising and weight liftings can help enhance better metabolism.

  • You Might not be Exercising Enough

There may be reasons that your workout time is not enough for your weight loss. Also, since weight loss is not a one day work, you must keep patience while on this process.

Solution: Experts suggest you for about 60-90 minutes of workout each day.You must slowly do this because rapidly, in this case, may leave your body in pain. In addition to doing exercise, being active is also very important.Spending all day on a bed with no active work may make it more difficult on weight loss or belly fat reduction.

  • You are Taking Weekends Off

A person who is very fond of eating can get difficulty while on weight loss. They may surely try to take days off; however, frequent cheat days after some days of working and diet plan is not good. This may not facilitate your weight loss process, and you can never see yourself changing.

Solution: Stop having cheat days and reward yourself with food that is both good to eat and have health benefits as well; however, eating junk foods is inappropriate.

  • You are Impatient about your Results

While you are on your weight loss journey, you get overexcited to see changes. But since these processes are not frequent, you must be patient for the visible results. Your body might be making changes that are just internal, and you have just not reached the level of getting visible external results. So be patient, and don’t discourage yourself.

Solution: Be patient and do not discourage yourself or make a promise that you must do this until you can see visible changes because this is what you have always dreamt of having.

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