What to Know about 2019 Coronavirus and COVID -19

COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates

Coronavirus disease is an infectious disease that is spread through the coronavirus. This was first recognized in Wuhan city of China on 31st December 2019. It was named COVID -19 (i.e., coronavirus disease 2019) scientifically by the world health organization and also the novel coronavirus by the same organization. Since first being recorded late last year in China, the COVID-19 coronavirus has spread around the world and been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. By early spring, Europe had become the worst- affected region, with Italy and Spain particularly hard hit. However, differences in testing mean that the number of cases may be understated for some countries. This virus is yet spread in 154 countries all over the world. The best way to not let this spread more is to know how this is transmissible.

This disease looks like having common symptoms as our seasonal flu or allergies, but it is a very deadly disease that has killed a lot of people so far. This newly developed coronavirus causes respiratory problems (like our general flu) with other major symptoms like dry cough, high fever, and in most severe cases -difficulty in breathing.


People with this virus may get sick for about 1- 14 days without developing the symptoms. The most commonly said symptoms seen are dry cough, fever, shortness of breath, and tiredness. Most of the people (like about 80%) get themselves out of this without any special treatment. However, this is very dangerous, and people with other medical problems (like heart problems, diabetes, asthma) can be declared vulnerable. The more immunity power you have, the more you are likely to recover well and soon. It has also been stated that people with no valid symptoms because their immune power may have the virus within them and can transmit it to the next possible person causing severe symptoms and problems.


Even though this virus is reported with a large number of deaths in a short period all over the world, it can easily be treated if you follow some of the preventive measures. World health organization has its reports till now, that shows there is no danger from this disease. This is easily curable with no special treatments. Your quarantine routine may easily help you to get rid of this; however, you must follow it well, as suggested by the experts.

The decision of world lockdown has been made to let people stop themselves from socializing or for the reasons of avoiding social contacts that may help in the virus transmission. We cannot say every country would have the same scenario as Italy, where the Prime Miniter itself is crying because of the harsh conditions of its country people. The easiest preventive measures allowed by the world health organization are:

  • Washing your hands for about 20 seconds with the help of soap or other alcohol-based disinfectants.
  • Cover your nose or mouth while you sneeze or cough with a cloth or with the help of your elbow.
  • Avoid close contact with the unwell people. A distance of about 6 feet is necessary. If possible, avoid socializing completely.
  • Stay at your home and self isolate yourself if you feel unwell.
  • Do not touch your face or nose with the hands more often because your hands may have carried the virus from surfaces as this virus can reside on hard surfaces, plastics, metals, etc.
  • Do not share your stuff with other people
  • Clean your groceries properly after you take them from the market.
  • Managing the tissues used during sneezing and coughing.
  • Clean the surfaces, your items properly with disinfectants every day.
  • Drink only boiled water.
  • Do not let unknown people into your home or get in contact with people of your home.
  • Don’t let yourself out in public.


No reported vaccine or medicine is said to recover you from the novel coronavirus completely, but a lot of medical trials are ongoing. However, you can follow some measures to treat yourself at home. Some of the treatment measures that you can follow to get yourself protected if you catch the virus are:

  • If you ever get the virus, you can treat it by keeping yourself warm.
  • Drinking plenty of liquids, mostly hot water.
  • Maintaining self cleanliness.
  • Rest and sleep, isolating yourself.
  • Take hot showers to help your sore throat

However, in case you are getting it difficult to cure at home and have severe symptoms like heavy breathing, you should probably talk to the doctor as soon as possible.


The recent report from the WHO (World Health Organization) says that there are 1,43,17,06 confirmed cases on 9th April from all over the world. In addition to that, the number of recovered cases have reached 3 30,589- which is not well satisfying but better than before. And the reported deaths have reached 88,502 so far. The scenarios are as satisfying as this is scary. The number of people recovering has increased as well, and the number of countries that have gained their control on this virus with the strictness in social distancing is also clear. As a result of which we can decide that there is nothing to worry about, however, we should also not think that this may not kill you. Self-protection is a very important thing because having money won’t help you anyway.

The best thing you can do is stop socializing yourself and practice the majors discussed above. Looking forward to the reports, we must decide how we can help the government individual and our country to let ourselves out from this situation because they have been trying hard for us. When you are at home arguing about the decisions the government has made – somebody is sleeping in the hospital bed, regretting not following them. Also, the doctors that have left their family for the sake of treating you people.

One bad decision of yours may make you regret and may spill water over the lockdown decision made by the government. It will be very late if you do not decide to follow the above measures, and the number of casualties will be like the droplets of water-Hard to count. Do not rush and do not panic and also don’t hesitate to take help from anyone if you need any. Just stay safe and help others to stay safe as well.

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