Tips to Prevent Coronavirus (COVID-19) Transmission

Prevention from COVID-19

Coronavirus is the group of viruses that cause difficulty in the mammals and the birds, whereas, in humans, it causes the respiratory problems(especially shortness in breathing) starting with the challenges of headache, fever, dry cough, pain and finally leading you to die if not well quarantined. There are no reported vaccines for this COVID -19 disease, which was first reported on 31st December 2019 in China. After that, it is well known to all the general public how this disease is transmitting all over the world. Mostly older people and the ones with the low immune system are said to be vulnerable towards this disease.

How it spreads?

This COVID -19 ultimately called the coronavirus spreads or gets in a person when a random fine person gets in contact with the one which has been infected with this disease—also, someone who has been touching the surfaces where the virus resides. The coronavirus is said to be alive on almost the surfaces like plastic, copper, metal, and so on for different hours. Physical connection and socialization have been discovered to be dangerous for this disease. This may also transmit when one person touches the surface that has the virus on it and then touches their face or mouth.

Is this dangerous?

The recent reports shown by the World Health Organization shows that it is very scary outside. Talking about the novel coronavirus, the world has decided lockdown in order to let this virus die. This can ultimately tell how hard it is to get rid of this, but for some reason, the number of people recovering from all over the world is something to look forward to. The medical and the health experts believe that this virus is no harm if we try to maintain social distancing and do not give this virus any way to let it spread itself. However, nobody can say you cannot die; it’s all how you react to this.

How can I prevent virus transmission?

World health organization has listed some very easy measures to get rid of this virus. This is no matter of stress, and we can easily protect ourselves from this. But negligence can really take your life. Hence it’s upon you if you want to follow the preventive measures or not.

  • Wash your hands frequently

This is one of the easiest ways not to let the virus get spread. Washing hands is not only necessary for virus prevention but also to protect yourself from many other problems that may be created due to dust. It is medically proven that the virus dies when we clean our hands with soap or alcohol-based disinfectants rather than just with water.

  • Maintain social distancing

Stay away from other people or maintaining a distance of 6 feet is a must. We know the virus transmits when we let ourselves get in contact with another person that is already infected. You may never know that the other person you are socializing with is the victim of the COVID-19 virus, and you are the next one. Also, to let yourself away from the virus that may be seen when someone infected with this virus sneezes or coughs near you.

  • Self-isolating when you get the virus

Another way to stop the transmission of the virus if you get infected is self-isolation. Self-isolation defines itself as a way to stay at a certain place or distant yourself with other people so that the virus within you doesn’t get to the next person. The best way to kill this virus is to obey the better quarantine routine as advised and isolating yourself for about 14 days possible.

  • Avoid touching your face, mouth, and nose

This newly found coronavirus is said to stay at face, mouth, and nose very easily. So when you touch your face, you may get the virus in from your hands if you ever get infected with this.

  • Practice good respiratory hygiene

One thing you should know is that you should always be around those people who follow respiratory hygiene for themselves, like covering their faces or mouths while they cough or sneeze. If you do not follow this, you are very likely to get the virus staying near the person that may be carrying the novel coronavirus disease.

  • Avoid handshakes and hugs

I totally agree with this because you are very likely to get the virus into you with the next person you may hug or handshake. Greeting with a simple namaste would go on this verge of situation.

  • Stop eating in public and going in crowds

The other way you can stop the transmission of this COVID-19 is not to let yourself eat-in open or outside, not knowing if the person who cooked your meal is healthy or not. Also, socializing at this time would be the decisions you can regret life. While you are making plans to eat out good with your buddies, you may be dealing with your life. The choice is yours- food or life.

  • Avoid sharing your personal stuff and use essential measures

You must not share your personal items or let yourself use others. As the whole world is talking about how the virus resides in stuff, you may be transmitting it easily while you choose to share yours with somebody else. Also, properly manage your used tissues during sneezing and make sure you always wear masks and gloves if possible.

  • Visit the doctor if you are the suspect

The very first thing you can do if you ever got the symptoms of coronavirus is to call upon the helpline number provided by the government to help yourself and stop the spreading of the virus on other people near you. It’s your time to protect yourself and the people you love. One good step you take may save thousands of lives.

The novel coronavirus disease has set up a very scary world outside us. We must all should be together in this where we can help the government by respecting the decisions they make and following them. There is no other way to let yourself and others out of this. So be gentle and good until we defeat this deadly virus.

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