Practicing Self Isolation and Social Distancing in COVID-19 Breakdown

Social Distancing Explained

When everybody is talking about self-isolation and social distancing, it’s important to know what it means; you must be hearing about the COVID-19 virus in every news and social media you follow.

Every page of the newspaper is covered with the reports of coronavirus and the stresses everybody is having regarding that. The COVID-19 is the newly developed disease that has brought up the idea of the self-isolation and social shielding among the people worldwide to avoid the transmission of the virus lately.

The coronavirus is said to transfer through the hands while you handshake, sneezes and cough if you don’t cover your mouth while sneezing and coughing and many more.

Cleanliness, along with isolation and distancing, is the key to stay away from the virus. Even after all that, if you carry the virus, you need to follow the government’s set of rules.

It’s not a matter of joke that you stay outside when the whole world is in the lockdown phase. The worse cases of not following the government can be seen easily on the recent news and the reports about the coronavirus.

The condition of Italy and the USA are the perfect examples of why you should be obeying the rules of social distancing. And also, china that has controlled reports of their country speaks how much this is important.

If you still are unaware that why the government and everybody around you are talking about all these topics, you should look at this article and must know what social distancing and isolation mean and what they do and why they are talked about one of the pro measures to avoid the novel coronavirus disease.

What is COVID-19?

COVID 19 is the pandemic disease that is said to be caused by the newly developed coronavirus. In this disease, there are simpler symptoms that you carry while having the seasonal flu or allergies like fever, headache, aches, and pain, weakness, but most importantly, to have the shortness of breath is said to have the coronavirus disease.

What does Social distancing Mean?

Social distancing is the measure where you distance yourself with other people and have fewer contacts face to face. Usually, when you distress yourself with crowds and come in contact with less number of people, the virus is likely to spread less.

Who should follow social distancing?

Well, I will say everybody that doesn’t want itself to be infected with the virus because you may never know that you have been in contact with a person that has the virus.

In some cases, it shows the symptoms in between 1-14 days with the person that has a better immune system. So to be aware and protect people and yourself as well from the spreading of this novel coronavirus disease, we must practice social distancing.

How can I start social distancing?

The whole world is going through lockdown to make people contact themselves with a less number of people. Social malls, parks, zoo, cinema halls, gym center and other places that are about to get a large number of the public has been closed in every country throughout the world.

So the best way is to stay at your home and not leave unless its an urgency. Also, working from home, not letting unknown people come in contact with you and your family is a safe practice.

Besides, use masks, gloves, and other necessary available kits when you go out for groceries or important stuff, sanitizing your hands, standing 6 feet away from the other individual, and so on.

Self Isolation

On the other hand, self-isolation is for the people that have shown the symptoms of the virus or tested positive with COVID-19. This means that you have to stay at a certain place like home or self-isolation wards made by the government agencies to protect yourself and other people from the disease.

You should not include yourself with the public and avoid social connecting, as this may spread the virus within you.

This is very important as the virus has the 14 day incubation period, and this must be strictly applied to get rid of the virus if you have come in contact with the person having the virus or yourself showing the symptoms.

Can I self isolate myself at home?

Yes, You can self isolate yourself at home by;
-Not leaving your home and avoiding the public places,
-Letting food to be delivered rather than going out in public and buy
-Clean up yourself and the food brought before eating
-Sleep alone if possible
-Avoid letting visitors inside your home or people you do not know
-Avoid going to your workplace and do not let yourself out from your room
-If you live up with other people, get them in another ventilated room and talk, maintaining the 6 feet distance.

One thing that you must know is that social distancing and self-isolation are good to you only, and it may protect the whole country. You must realize how much loss every country is bearing when the whole world is locked down, but they are still doing it- do you realize what that means- life is way more important than other stuff in the whole world.

You may have money, but you must have seen people dying and throwing money on the roads because they no longer help. There’s, is nothing in the market to buy, would you eat up your money when hungry? No, of course. So realize whatever every government individual is doing; do not get mad. It’s for your safety.

Follow the government and help them in every way possible. This is one of the best ways to become a superhero and protect not only yourself but the whole country and the whole world.

But also talk about your mental health during such a situation as well because social distancing is not to kill you with mental tension but to protect you with the virus. Self-isolation, sanitation, and social distancing must be practiced well to get rid of the virus.

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