How to Prepare Yourself for the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 Prevention
COVID-19 Prevention

The deadly coronavirus has spread all over the globe is said to start from the Wuhan city of China. The first reported case of this virus was seen on December 31st, 2019. The virus is also called as the COVID-19(coronavirus disease -19) by the World Health Organization. A virus with symptoms similar to general flu or allergy has reported about 1.2 million cases and more than 72,000 deaths in the world.

Where the whole world is scared seeing the deaths reported by this disease, meanwhile this is one of the most easily treated viruses with no special treatment. You have to stay at your home, avoiding the crowds -isn’t it easy? Since there are no reported vaccines for the treatment of this disease or any medicines yet explore for the cure, experts are advising us to maintain social distance to get over this. As this virus is increasing very rapidly, people are getting very anxious about it. Mental illness is high in such cases, but the most important thing is to clear your head and do not panic. A clear head and some suggested tips can help you reduce the risk and keep you and your family away from the virus:

Stay Home

One of the easiest things to reduce the risk of transmitting can be staying at home. The most effective tip that can help us prepare for the coronavirus can be staying home. However, staying doing nothing can degrade your mental health so here are some suggestions

  • try reading a book
  • try exercising and meditation
  • watching a movie or your favorite series
  • help your mother in the kitchen or involve yourself in some work
  • stop staying idle as overthinking may kill you if not the virus.
  • play some indoor games or learn something you always wanted to
  • make this time the best of yours

Just remember the whole world has stopped and just not you. There is nothing to be serious about being this unproductive. When things go right, your time will also come, and this has to pass as well. So don’t get anxious about your situation because it’s what you can now. This is your chance to protect the world while staying at home. Be proud of that, and follow it.

When Going out, be Cautious

Health experts say that this newly developed virus is yet to be discovered very much. But as much they have dealt with it, it is clear that it gets transmitted through the general touch or physical contact with the infected person. So the aim of being cautious when you go out is not to let yourself come in contact with unknown people or people who have the same symptoms of the coronavirus. Consider maintaining social distance from the person. Don’t let yourself into the crowd. Also, eating outside can kill you in this situation.

Consider Wearing a Mask

Wearing a mask may not help you fully; however, caring yourself is good. Mask may help you not get the virus directly into your mouth when somebody coughs or sneezes near you. It is said that this virus gets into the body of another person when somebody infected sneezes or coughs near you. The small liquid droplets that get out during sneezing may get inside your mouth, getting you the virus. So wearing a mask can be a good idea.

Wash your Hands Properly with Soap

The newly developed coronavirus attacks the immune system of the body. Furthermore, it decreases the cells producing insulin and increases the sugar level in your body. This directly affects your respiratory system making you difficult in breathing. We are suggested by health experts to keep our hands away from the face or mouth to decrease inhaling of the virus from the mouth. A survey has proved that cleaning hands with a hand sanitizer or soap or any alcohol-based disinfectant cleans more germs than just water. Cleaning your hands for like 20 seconds may kill the virus from your hand if any.

Stock up Groceries or Essential Medicines

As the whole world has announced the lockdown or social distancing, we must stay at our homes at much as possible. Going out in public may get you the virus. The virus may not show the symptoms very soon; however, it may reside in person. You may never know if you are in contact of the person that has the virus or not. So stocking up all the things in an appropriate quantity at once rather than going out many times can be beneficial.

Stay Informed

We must always stay informed about the recent reports that are provided by many sources. However, do not believe on everything that you see on the internet. Always follow the trustworthy source or world health organization (WHO) page for the recent reports and the data. There are a lot of ongoing myths about this virus that may scare you. As a result, stay away from the fake myths that are spreading the word widely and make sure you know all the symptoms that are suggested for the novel coronavirus.

Call the Doctor if Feeling Sick

You must call your doctor or the helpline number to make sure that you are safe from the disease. If you feel like you have the symptoms of the deadly coronavirus, make sure you visit the doctor and self-quarantine yourself well. Do not get in touch of other people in that case.
There is much unnecessary information flying all around. So you must always follow the right news to get updated. Also, it is a myth that children do not get this virus, and only older people die. Anybody of any age can die, and on the other hand, anybody can defeat this. Do not believe that you are young, so you have the right to move along in the crowd. You, too, can have it and transmit it to others. Follow the social distancing rule very well if you want the world to win against the virus. Together we can.

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