How to Clean Groceries during COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak

COVID-19 Prevention on Groceries

COVID-19 is a pandemic disease that has been said to emerge from China and is said to be spreading through physical contacts like handshakes, hugging, touches, etc. Hence we are supposed to maintain social distance where people need to avoid all the things that relate to touching either it is when buying vegetables, groceries, or the giving or taking of money and many more.

We have been heard a lot about the disease and how the people have been dying since these days. But also there is nothing to panic because cleaning food properly, washing hands thoroughly, staying clean, maintaining social distancing, and avoiding physical contact with friends and family can help you stay away from spreading the coronavirus.

What has WHO been Suggesting?

WHO has made it clear that the more we self isolate ourselves, maintaining self-hygiene, the more it is easy to get rid of the disease spreading worldwide like a fire.

You might have heard about all the recent news and the updates the World Health Organization is providing you about the condition. It’s getting out of hand in Italy and even in other developed countries like the USA, France that made decisions a little late and are suffering like no other.

On the other hand, there is North Korea who strictly followed the not to come out unless it’s an emergency thing way too well and staying safe than all of us.

This is why I don’t think nobody is unaware of the fact that social distancing, self-isolation, and personal hygiene are how much crucial during this outbreak.

Self Quarantine Risks and Duties

As we are human, we cannot completely avoid socializing as we come in contact of people when we go out to buy groceries; I think other things are not necessary, like just meeting or catching up with a friend during this time.

But also we can maintain self steps to make ourselves and our family, and ultimately the whole world gets rid of this dangerous disease. There is nothing more to panic about it, but it’s a must to use the tips the government is providing to all of us.

I have never seen the world stop like this till now. So you must realize how much it is important to properly follow the government and other authorities that are doing hard for us.

Talking about the groceries, you might think that how much this can affect me the salesperson had put on gloves and masks, and I was staying 6 feet away from him as well.

But for your information, let all of us get this straight -you must have heard how the doctors from all over the world are dying even though they have been wearing PPE that covers them from head to toe. And you think that stupid mask and a bit of glove are going to keep you safe.

If you have felt so then you are wrong because this virus can stay in plastics, money, hand and ultimately attacks you and makes you weak and finally let you die.

Imagine how hard it would be to be in a situation where none of your family come across you to see if you are healing or can console you when you need some love.

I have been watching such news and crying, looking for all such videos. If only the videos are making people cry, take a moment, and think about how this is going to act when you are the victim, so prevention is better than cure as everybody says.

Preventive Measures While Cleaning Groceries

Apart from all the cleanliness, you are doing, here are some tips and tricks about how you can clean groceries to avoid the transmission during this situation:

  • The very first thing, do not go out until there is an urgency, don’t go out to buy fancy foods- eat what you have.
  • Clean your hands frequently and maintain self-isolation, avoid contacts.
  • If you are going to get something from the market, make sure you don’t stand in the crowd, make sure you wear a mask, and another necessary thing you have like gloves.
  • Clean your hands immediately after you reach home and place the groceries at a certain distance for some time.
  • Clean all the groceries with water and make sure you cook them well before you eat.
  • Never eat something raw at least in this situation.
  • You can wipe or clean the bottles and other things.
  • Celan the bag well if you used cloth bag else dispose of it well.
  • Don’t let groceries come in contact of other people at home directly; let it rest for like some possible hours unless they are necessary.
  • Make sure you clean everything thoroughly before taking it inside your house.
  • If you have used soap water on the fruits and vegetables, clean them thoroughly before you eat.
  • Scrub things for about 20 seconds, at least.

These tips mentioned above are essential if we want to stay safe. There is no use of isolating yourself if you are not maintaining other things like cleaning the groceries well, self-hygiene, etc.

You know the recent report provided by WHO has reported the death of more than 62 thousand people all over the world and still increasing due to COVID-19. But on the other hand, the number of people recovering is getting better day by day.

This directly symbolizes that if you care about your health, you should be taking all the correct precautions the government and other sources are giving. But make sure you follow the right authorities because the scam has also begun along with this outbreak.

People, for some reason, are trying to scare people, giving them the wrong information. As long as you maintain social distancing following the correct health measures, I assure you that you will be safe.

Just imagine how many times you can rest at home and protect the whole damn country. You have one job to stay at home and protect your people. It’s just in your hands live for others if you don’t want to live for yours. Stay healthy and safe, maintain self-hygiene, and stay at your home.

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