How the COVID-19 Virus Spreads in Public Places and How to Protect Yourself

Covid-19 (coronavirus disease 19 )is the latest virus that has made the whole world suffer in the same manner. The number of sufferings because of this virus is very high. It has come from a group of coronavirus family. It is the infectious disease caused by the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus -2 (SARS-COV 2). This deadly disease is said to transmit through the physical touch. Doctors, health experts, and the whole world are deciding not to get in touch of any other people so that we can trounce this virus.

Coughs, pains, aches, sneezing, etc. are said to be the mild cases of coronavirus; however, problems in respiration, i.e., .heavy breathing, chest pains, high fever, a runny nose can be the symptoms that can take your life at risk. Doctors and the experts have suggested that most of the people with this virus suffer from mild to moderate symptoms and can quickly recover without any special treatment. But in some rare cases, this virus can take your life or may cause you difficulty in a way anyone can ever imagine of. Even though the symptoms of the novel coronavirus seems like the normal allergy or seasonal flu, the results can be as deadly.

How this spreads in public?

Since the COVID-19 is the newly developed virus in the world and we do not know much about it. The first case was seen on China on 31st December while the number of cases has reached more than 1 lakh in just four months period. As far as it is known – the World Health Organization has suggested that the only way this disease can be defeated is to avoid social connection. In the case of the public, when one person comes in contact of another – this virus is likely to get transmitted. Also, physical touch is the main mode of transmission.

From the recent reports, it is clear that this virus can also reside on other materials like plastics, metals, surfaces, shoe soles, and so on. We must be extra careful while we go out. The government of almost all countries in the world has locked themselves down to avoid human communication. They have said we must stay at our homes unless the coronavirus goes away completely, although there are some major needs that we need. So while we go out in the market, we must follow the social distancing measures.

While you come in contact of the person who has the virus, you get infected too, and someone in contact of you after you get the virus gets infected as well, and the chain continues. A system of namaste must be made possible. Handshaking and hugging must be avoided. Just be aware that anybody who may seem fine may carry the virus and transmit it to you.

How can we protect ourselves?

As we all know that the only way this virus is transmitting is social contact. So the best thing we can do is avoid doing that. We have been facilitated by the government to do that. Like all the schools, colleges, offices, shopping malls, etc. everything has closed down, we do not have to go anywhere, not even to work. But most of the people like police officers, doctors, of course, many shopkeepers, or any other person who is urged to do their duty during this time must be more careful. The different ways that we can follow to protect ourselves are.

  1. Clean your hands
    The virus may reside on your hands and go inside your mouth while you touch your face. So to avoid that, cleaning your hands while a soap or any of the alcohol-based disinfectants can work. Washing your hands properly for like 20 minutes is suggested by the world health organization. Using a sanitizer while you don’t have water is helpful too.

2. Avoid touching your face and mouth

Since the most used parts of our body are hands. From doing any work to even just wiping our face, we use them. We may be unaware, but we might have got the virus. So to not let it go inside our mouth, we must avoid touching our face and mouth frequently.

  1. Use a mask and gloves if possible

As I said, most people have to work for our safety. So those people must use some surgical or n95 masks or personal protective equipment, if possible. The use of gloves and masks may not completely protect you; however, it can be quite useful as clothes are not yet confirmed for carrying the virus.

  1. Clean your veggies and groceries well

While we go out and bring the veggies home, there might be any chance that they have carried the virus with them in case the person who packed you this had the coronavirus disease. So cleaning them before bringing them inside or letting them stay in the sun for like hours unless needed can be a better idea.

  1. Avoid social connection

The best thing we can do is avoid social connection. Stop going outside your house for unnecessary reasons. Everbody feels like hard staying inside, but staying alive this way is better than being dead. You can always go out when things go normal, and this may only happen soon if you do not step out in crowds for no reason.

  1. Stop eating out

Another way you can get protection in public if you stopped eating outside. Anybody without showing the regular symptoms may have the coronavirus. You may get infected while you think you are enjoying your favorite food.

  1. Maintain a distance of 3 feet

In case you have to work in a crowd, make sure you do not rush. Do not go in-crowd. Just maintain a distance of 3 feet from the other person next to you.

  1. Maintain the proper health hygiene

Using tissues or covering your face with your elbow while you are near some other person sneezing should be done. The small droplets coming out from your mouth carrying the virus may infect the other person near to you.

This is not your fight. It’s ours. If we want things to go normal real quick, we must learn from our neighboring country, China, which has got things in its control. Together we can, and we have to. These measures mentioned above may seem simple but can be very helpful. Think wisely and then act.

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