How Does COVID 19 Pandemic Lockdown Affect Mental Health

Coronavirus Lockdown Effects on Mental Health

Talking about the Pandemic situation brought up by COVID -19 is much of a relatable situation for all of us. We know how things have been nowadays.

As the whole world has stopped everything and has asked for everybody to stay at home telling you not to go out, this truly affects your mental health for sure.

Because you know everybody thinks of a lot of things when they are ideal. When a person has nothing to do, they start pressurizing their mind for them to be possible situations in their head that indeed deteriorate your emotional strength leaving you being a weaker person.

The whole world and the news channels and everything you see nowadays. Like social media, newspapers, or anything, are just talking about the dreadful COVID-19 situation happening around.

We are being approachable to the bad news of people dying and how this is affecting people daily at a higher rate. Instead of the positive ones as we all know that the negative affects your mind readily.

But you should know that you should not let your mind be affected by all these as you have a way to go and this is not the end. Maybe this could go long, but you should be prepared for what will be coming next.

Honestly talking, being a student, I felt how horrible it is to think that you could never finish your studies or seeing friends that have gone ahead of you.

You stuck because you had just lost your 2/3 months when you were about to approach them, but let me tell you that whoever ahead of you or behind is staying still in this situation and talking about progress, you all first need to be alive to continue doing things.

Hence you must be taking care of your mental health as you do to your physical health. Mental health is way too important and is the must thing people should know and talk more about.

Most of the people in developing countries think talking about mental health is like going mad, but that is not true. Having a difficult mental situation is not that you have gone mad but just your mind reacting a bit more to the situations which are just as normal as being alive, and that is important too.

Not just about jobs or schools or exams, people even react to the unnecessary rumors the social media are spreading. In addition to that, stressing over how you have to keep yourself away from people and maintain a social distance is just scary to sound.

Though this is not what you have imagined. This is only about keeping yourself and your family safe, it’s not about you are unlovable but just about a way to stop spreading of the disease.

We have dealt with more of such situations, and yes, people are dying every year at the same rate because of many other reasons, and COVID -19 is just overrated. The overall cause of talking about maintaining a social distance and staying at your home is not for making things scary, but the goal is not to let yourself weak.

If you do not keep better care of yourself, you are going to lose with yourself, which is just worse ultimately.

So here are some tips you can keep your mental health sane during this situation of lockdown.

Keeping Yourself Busy

As we all know, staying ideal is just scary. Everybody knows that a empty head is a devil’s workshop. So when you keep yourself busy, your mind cannot think of other unnecessary things that may create problems.

Reading books could be an ultimate solution, or play indoor games, try cooking things with what you have at home, helping your mother in works, and so on.

Just remember whenever you feel like having negative thoughts, you have to keep yourself busy at something, or you can talk to your friend over the phone if that helps.

Spending Quality Time with Family

You know family is the first thing you should care about, and everybody gets busy apart from such situations, and we are never going to get this time back, make it best of yourself.

It is your time to bond yourself with the people that are yours. Your parents or someone you love should be in touch with you, talk to them while you are having some hard times.

Scheduling Yourself

When there’s nothing to do, we can’t plan what we should do to make ourselves grow better, so the first thing you do in the morning is you get up and make a schedule of what you are going to do for the rest of the day. This will keep a habit of writing as well, and you can easily spend your time well without getting bored.


Who says you need to go to the gym to exercise. Simple exercises like pushups, yoga, simple meditation, etc. can be done at your home easily.

Right after you wake up in the morning, try exercising. Choose a happy place, put some good music, and give rest to your mind. This truly helps you stay calm and fit both mentally and physically.

Distracting Yourself

No, no, I am not talking about distracting yourself with family and friends. Don’t overuse social media or unsubscribe some things that bring bad to you.

Instead go looking for standup comedy, cartoons, and a good thing to make your mind feel fresh. Spreading positivity is the best thing you can do to your mind.

A study has proved that the plant doesn’t grow well when you keep on saying bad words to it for some days. And if even a plant reacts that way, imagine how a fully working person will do.

Fooling your Mind

The human body is a puppet of your mind; it believes what the mind thinks and reacts. So you should always be positive. Just try to say good things to yourself like I am proud of myself, I can do this and other things that make you feel happy.

Remember everybody at this stage is just where you are, nobody is ahead and neither you are behind. You can achieve all you have always dreamt of, don’t give up on yourself and keep working.

You are never going to get this time back, so work how this can make the best time you can forever be proud of.

Don’t stress yourself; stay calm and relax. Everything will happen at the right time because even Paris is no longer romantic, and Disney is out of magic.

Suddenly we have realized that money and beauty are no longer powerful; it’s just a matter of time, and most importantly, health is important. You have the health you have everything.

Study if you have exams ahead, practice something you always wanted to, work on what can make you feel better . Be a good person moreover.

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