How Does COVID-19 Affect People with Diabetes

Diabetes and Coronavirus
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The times with such pandemic breakout are always anxious, and people with other health problems may be dealing with them the most. You must also be worrying to know how this may create more problems in your daily life issues. We will be dealing with the same things to explain the threats caused by COVID-19 to people with diabetes. The novel coronavirus has created a world of fear. In addition to those people having their other health problems have been anxious about that too. Getting down to business, let us start this with what is COVID-19.

COVID-19 (coronavirus disease -19) is a pandemic disease that has been discovered on December 31st, 2019. When the first case of the coronavirus was registered in China, people became aware of that disease. This virus is named as COVID-19 (coronavirus disease- 2019) by the World Health Organization. This COVID-19 disease has been said to come from the coronaviruses family that people have already dealt with. This virus has significant symptoms like our general flu but has very deadly cases. The incubation period is in between 1-14 days, where this can be spread in both animals and humans, especially -mammals.

Core Symptoms

As we already discussed that it is similar to our regular flu or allergy; however, the coronavirus can be distinguished from the flu very easily. According to the World Health Organization, the main symptoms of this disease are – heavy fever, headache aches, and pains. However, the primary symptom of this disease that can be helpful to know if you are a COVID-19 patient is the difficulty in breathing. When you have problems related to your respiration, you must be alert that you may have caught up with the novel coronavirus. It is never sure that you would show the symptoms very soon. Most people don’t show symptoms clearly because of their high immune system but can transmit the virus from one person to another. Therefore social distancing is the only way we can defeat this deadly disease spreading all
over the world.

How does Coronavirus Transmit?

The newly coronavirus disease is said to be transmitted by very normal things. When shaking your hands or hugging your friends could get you the virus. In other words, physical contact is the key to its transmission. Handshaking, hugging, or even barely touching, could be dangerous. As this directly affects your respiration – it gets tough for you to breathe.

How can we be Protected?

Social distancing is the major to avoid virus transmission. Stay away from the people that have tested positive or have similar symptoms. You must be covering your faces while you sneeze or cough. In addition to that, managing your tissues after you use them is also a wise way to help this to finish. We must understand the fact that this may happen to you; this virus doesn’t see rich or poor -anybody who does not follow may suffer. Apart from that, wearing your gloves, using hand sanitizer, and using the masks could be better. Watching the current scenario, how the world has decided the lockdown, and still expanding, you must be aware of the fact how much social distancing can be significant.

Affecting People with Diabetes

The World Health Organization (who) has stated that the coronavirus is more deadly for people with diabetes than the general flu. They must proceed with care. WHO further adds that people with other medical problems (like cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, other lung and heart diseases ), along with older citizens, are at higher risk because their immune system is already weak. They may seem to have difficulty during this situation.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes generally increases the sugar level in your blood and attacks the enzymes that form insulin. There may be 2 types of diabetic patients. One of them may suffer from type-1; however, others may be type-2. In type -1, diabetes directly attacks the cells forming insulin, and the patients should take insulin externally. In type-2, this doesn’t let the body make sufficient use of the insulin it has, leaving you to suffer in different ways. Your immune system may directly decrease. Talking about COVID-19, people with less immune are directly vulnerable and easily attackable.

As a example, the famous Hollywood actor Tom Hanks has been tested positive with the virus. He tweeted about his difficulty and suffering that have increased because of diabetes. Further, he added that he is doing fine after his quarantine, which explains that you can easily recover from the deadly novel coronavirus as well.

The American diabetes association has explained the fact that people with diabetes are likely to suffer more than ordinary people. The number of cases so far in China has shown that the health-related patients had shown higher complications as well as death than the people with no health problems.

Immune Affection

We know that diabetic patients have sugar levels high in their blood. When our body can’t produce insulin, there is nothing that can stop the sugar level from getting mixed with blood. Both type-1 and type-2 diabetic patients have a high risk for their health if they get coronavirus. The destruction of the immune system is the right thing that makes people weaker, and you more susceptible to infections.

Damage to the Circulatory System

It has also been seen that some diabetic patients can have problems related to their blood circulatory system. When your blood slowly circulates, your body doesn’t function well. How dangerous this sounds as the human body is based on the proper circulation of blood. The uncontrollable high blood sugar and difficulty in blood circulation delay the level of curing, which is a serious thing to worry about.

Even though this all sounds scary, but there are several helplines provided by the government that you can easily call up in case of emergency. Also, the level of recovering is high for this disease. Quarantining yourself with some better decisions can neutralize your illness.

How to Stay Safe if you have COVID-19 with Diabetes?

  • Better use and eat your medicines and in dose the insulin content
  • Make a virtual medical plan just in case you have decided to quarantine yourself
  • Practice social distancing
  • Call the emergency helplines to in case you need
  • Clean your hands more often, and avoid touching your face for no reason.

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