Explaining Coronavirus Myths

Coronavirus Myths Explained
Coronavirus Myths Explained

Coronavirus is a novel virus that has been spreading all over the world within a short period. The World Health Organization has reported over 19,95,983 confirmed cases across the globe until now. This virus is said to be transmitted through the physical touch having the only preventive measure- social distancing. Also known as Sarc-cOv 2, this virus is said to be spreading first from the Wuhan city of China. The first reported case was seen on 31st December on china after which to date every country is highly scared for it.

Where the whole world is scared of this deadly spread of disease, some people are misusing their chance. People are spreading a lot of fake news to scare more and more or say for some other reasons. The spreading of fake news is being done to increase the views of their channel on youtube or social media or believing the fake ones. Another reason can be people transferring the news to their loved ones believing the news. Maybe this is the reasons people are spreading a lot of fake news like;

Spreading Chlorine or Alcohol on Skin Kills the Virus

This is not true; however, this can cause harm if entered on your eyes or mouth. Also, babies must be kept far from such things. Well, indeed, it can kill the germs on your surroundings, but misusing or using without any medical suggestion can be the wrong decision.

Only Older and Young People are at Risk

This is completely inappropriate. If you have believed this, you have got this wrong. The true thing about this is that people with a low immune system are at higher risk; however, people with completely fine immune power can catch the virus too and transmit it to other people.

Children cannot Catch COVID-19

Another myth on the coronavirus is about children not catching the virus, which is wrong. If you have been updating yourself with the recent news provided by the sources, you must have seen the number of deaths has increased to 1,31,037, which contains lots of children as well. Thinking your children cannot catch coronavirus and letting them go out in the open with no safety measures can be the wrong idea during this situation.

COVID-19 is Just like the Flu

Well, this is half the truth. Yes, this disease consists of symptoms, just like the seasonal flu but very deadly results. The scary reports provided by different sources proves that this may take your life if you do not follow the correct measures. Headaches, aches, pain, nausea, weakness are the general symptoms seen on infection of this disease. However, getting difficulty in your breathing and direct attack to your lungs, and your whole respiratory system is the first thing COVID- 19 do, unlike the seasonal flu.

Everyone with COVID-19 Dies

Yes, coronavirus has killed a lot of people so far and has a lot of confirmed cases in such a short time. Unlike other general diseases, this has last five months now and is still spreading. The whole world is scared and has decided to lockdown defeat it. But to consider everyone with COVID-19 dies is just not true. From more than 1 lakh confirmed cases, 5,52,771 has completely recovered and starting living their normal life. World Health Organization has kept the record of making you clear that not everyone who suffers the coronavirus dies but also not everyone lives. So the choice is yours.

Cats and Dogs Spread Coronavirus

There is some confirmed and unconfirmed news that dogs and cats might catch it; however, in Hongkong, it was confirmed that the owner with coronavirus does not seem to infect his dog when tested. It was said that the mammals catch the virus easily, and also recently, in the USA, a tiger was seen tested positive for the novel coronavirus as well. It’s still a matter of debate and not a well-settled topic if the cats and dogs do spread the virus or not. But taking care of yourself and your pet’s care is always a good idea.

Face Mask Protects you Against the Coronavirus

Well, if you believed this is, it’s a matter of laughter because everybody nowadays uses social media. Some relevant sources have made this clear that most of the doctors in China and many other parts of the country have died treating the patients infected with the coronavirus. The doctors were provided by personal protective equipment (PPE) that covers them from head to toe. When the doctors can die after so much protection, its rubbish to believe on the myths that face mask can protect you against the virus. While some surgical masks and n95 can be helpful, but they are not widely available for general people. Also, I must say it is essential for you to use one when you go out.

Hand Dryers can Kill the Virus

This is not true, but washing your hand with soap and water, or using an alcohol-based disinfectant, or using hand sanitizer avoiding your face touching might help you protect yourself.

Antibiotics Kill Coronavirus

There is no reported vaccine or any medicine that can protect you from the pandemic disease. That is why I think the whole world has decided to work on lockdown, not caring enough about the economy. Safety comes first. Antibiotics may kill the bacteria, but not the viruses, so do not believe the myths from the unwanted person. Believe the sources.

Garlic can Protect Against Coronavirus

Garlic is good for health and also helps you keep away from many diseases. It is best during the seasonal change infection. But the fact it can cure coronavirus is just a myth.
There are many other myths on the internet or other platforms. So World Health Organization and other renowned sources have requested people not to believe on the myths and just the confirmed sources. Also, this may increase your mental tension causing you anxiety. So only believe the confirmed news and stay away from the myths on the internet.

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