Do Clothes and Shoes Track COVID-19 into Your House? What Should You Know

COVID-19 Transmission via Clothes and Shoes
COVID-19 Transmission via Clothes and Shoes

What is COVID-19?

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by the newly developed coronavirus. People who suffer from COVID-19 may experience mild to severe symptoms based on your immune power. You may, however, can recover from this disease quickly without any special treatment. It is the newly developed disease that has caused a lot of harm to the overall economy of the world and each individual coming in contact.

With the symptoms like regular flu, this coronavirus disease attacks our respiratory system, destroying our immunity to produce insulin, thus causing the high dose of sugar in our blood. It directly affects our breathing because of which, people who take these diseases carelessly may die. On the other hand, the number of people recovering is very high if you follow the measures correctly.

Do Clothes Track COVID- 19?

As this is the newly developed virus and is way too different as experienced from any of the viruses before, so there is a lot of things that are still a mystery about it. But there are no records that clothes may track COVID-19 into your house.

A flu-like respiratory disease COVID- 19 gets transmitted by the droplets on the air because of sneezing or coughing. When we come in contact of the people who may have the disease and if they sneeze or cough, the tiny droplets of the liquid caught up in you may cause you the same illness. Also, it has been proved that the coronavirus may stay alive apart from the human body. It is said to stay alive on metal bodies, plastics, and many other things. Direct physical contact with any person that may have the disease can get you the same.

Depending on the type of surface, experts estimate that the virus can survive for just a few hours up to a few days. While metal and plastic can provide a haven for the virus for up to 2 to 3 days, clothing is not considered a material conducive to its survival.

Although this virus is said to stay on several substances for like hours but yet no transmission via clothing has been considered. The health experts explain that humidity and moisture generally play the role of transmitting the virus from one body to another but not clothes. However, doing quick laundry can be a good idea for our self-protection.

When Should We Take Extra Care of Clothes?

If you are taking care of a person that is sick for like hours, washing your clothes frequently can be a good idea. Like the health workers or the doctors can consider this necessary. But just a short walk to the general store doesn’t make it necessary for you to clean your clothes frequently. The fact that you have failed to maintain social distancing from the crowd or you discovered somebody sneezing or coughing in contact with you- this may be the case when you may need to clean your items of clothing and change them as soon as possible.

Self-hygiene and cleanliness are more important than doing the laundry. Washing your hands often with soap or any alcohol-based disinfectant and not letting yourself touch your mouth and face often can be good. Apart from that, as we all know, the main thing to get rid of this virus is social distancing. So in case, you can’t do that, managing yourself with a good protective mask and avoiding the crowds along with hand cleanliness can be effective. To add more hygiene to your routine, washing clothes frequently can be better, but no extra detergent needs to be changed. Your regular home detergent will work.

What About Shoes?

The nature of shoes is to carry more dirt and contaminants to your house as we carry them on our foot. A recent study by the Center For Disease Control and Prevention has published an article which has confirmed that the virus stays on the soles of the shoes very well. And ultimately tracks the virus into your house. A quick test, done on the shoes of the health personnel working on the intensive care unit of Wuhan, China, and the sole of his shoes tested positive for coronavirus disease.

This directly indicates that shoes may carry the virus; however, experts also say that there is nothing to worry about because shoes are treated the right way that they may not infect us. Nobody eats shoes or puts them in the mouth or takes them in contact of our kitchen or house. We often put our used shoes outside the house and are not the way to come in contact more.
Just in case additional safety can be done by cleaning the shoes just before if you want them to enter your house. Clean the area that they come in contact with, if possible. Place them somewhere where they are likely to come less in contact with other people and your house. Clean them well after you use them and let them dry naturally, said the experts.


Although the virus is not cloth to person or shoes to person transmission, just person to person but taking extra care on yourself can never be wrong. They may survive on your items of clothing and shoes and can cause you harm. The best thing you can do to avoid the virus is to avoid going on public places, and even if, in case of urgency, make sure you maintain the distance of 3 feet as explained by the World Health Organization. World health organization (WHO) has made it clear that the only way we can win over this virus is social distancing. That is why every country across the globe has shut down, not caring about their economy going down. Just to let you know, lives are way more important as compared to the money or anything else in the whole world. Just do not be selfish for any other reason that may take your and your loved one’s life.

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