Can Honey, Cinnamon, and Lemon in Warm Water Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss home remedies
Weight loss home remedies

Everybody in the entire universe is god’s creation, and how can someone so perfect make mistakes. At some point, everybody is perfect, but sometimes for some reason, you outgrow, which is entirely reasonable. Some people may have genes that make you grow fat while you have anxiety, and how come someone in this universe does not have that. So if you feel that you need to change your body shape, that is entirely normal. Doing what makes you happy is a healthy mind’s decision. This also enhances your chances of success as better ideas strike good health. Furthermore, a healthy body is a sign you can work well on everything.

Losing weight do not refer to decreasing your pressure but indicates making it perfect. A highly slim body is not good as well. Having a balanced diet that grows a balanced body is essential. There is a large number of tips on the internet nowadays, but you may get confused about using something you do not know how it is going to react. Also, the number of kits available on the market just let you lose your huge amount of money.

On the other hand, you somehow regain your shape while you stop doing the exercise you have been doing. So, using something completely natural can reduce all your doubts, and also this can be the cheapest way you experiment yourself.

Along with that, honey and cinnamon have many other healthy advantages that reduce the risks of side affects you think you can have. But before you do this, make sure you are not allergic to anything or on medications. If you have struggled with your weight and want tips for reducing it, here is a perfect tip,

How this Mixture of Honey Cinnamon with Hot Water Works?

We all know honey with hot lemon is the best remedy you can try for your weight loss journey in the morning. While adding cinnamon may seem a new idea to you. So here is the explanation. Lemon and honey with warm water help you improve your digestion and strengthen your metabolism. The pectin presents in the lemon keep you fuller for a long time, thus keeping your cravings for unnecessary food away.

Also, this mixture creates an alkaline in your body that helps the breakdown of your food in the stomach in a better way. Apart from this, cinnamon is a better digestor that helps in the regulation of insulin and breakdown the carbohydrates. It helps to manage the nutrients in a proper way that gets into your body from the food you eat. This helps that you do not crave food from time to time, and thus you lose your weight.

What do you need to Make It, or What are the Ingredients?

  • One teaspoon of cinnamon- freshly grounded
  • Half lemon
  • One tablespoon of honey
  • One glass of warm water

What’s the Procedure of Making the Drink?

Take one tablespoon of cinnamon powder and add it to the glass. Mix the lemon juice squeezed and mix well. Finally, add warm water to the mixture, and your mixture is ready. You are now good to drink at the perfect timing.

How Much do you Need to Intake?

Make sure you drink this mixture once a day until your results are visible. Drinking early in the morning in an empty stomach is a better idea. However, you can even have this drink at other times expect in the morning like:

In-Between Meals

How does this help?

Having this drink in between the meals is very healthy. It is the time while you want to have a lot of other food or snacks, and drinking this may help you decide better. Also, this helps to digest the food you had before. This also lowers your blood sugar levels and keep you focused. Thus make you alert in deciding better that you are on a diet from so long wanting to achieve something you want.

Before Going to Bed

How does this help?

After having your food, while you are thinking of going to bed and at the same time thinking you have something sweet – having this drink is the best idea. While you rotate around your refrigerator wanting to keep your belly satisfied, the choice of having a drink that is mixed with cinnamon and honey is perfect. Honey helps your fulfill your need to eat something sweet while cinnamon can helps in better digestion, which makes a perfect combination.

Before Aerobics

How does this help?

While you are thinking of doing an aerobic workout, the mixture of cinnamon and honey with hot water is a perfect time to drink. Before you workout, you need to do a warmup. This mixture helps you enhance your energy and helps you accommodate your work. There are things you should know before your workout. Not eating anything before and after for at least an hour is something you can get a score. This drink not only helps you boost up your energy level but also improves your metabolism.

Tips for Using Cinnamon and Honey for Weight Loss

  • Always use at least half a tablespoon of honey
  • Avoid using sugar or salt
  • Do not boil cinnamon with water
  • Add honey only after the water is boiled
  • If you are using a cinnamon stick and not powdered cinnamon, let it absorb its goodness but do not also let the water get too cold.
  • Do not reheat the mixture
  • Add fruits and veggies in your daily diet.

If you do not use a perfect amount, you can see the side effects of this water. Do not drink this mixture if you have something explained below;

  • Do not drink this water if you are pregnant because this may cause premature labor.
  • Using cinnamon while you are already a heart patient is a bad idea. It increases the heart rate.
  • Inhaling cinnamon without mixing in honey can cause choking, lung problem and even lead you to death
  • Using cinnamon during your menopause is wrong. This may improperly increase body heat.

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