12 Low Carb Diet Foods for Quick Weight Loss

Low Carb Diet for Weight loss
Low Carb Diet for Weight loss

Heavyweight can be problematic to many people, and some people have given up because they haven’t seen any changes even after adopting several diet plans and exercises. There are so many tips and tricks on the internet nowadays; however, believing on things that have no written proves can just be a waste of your time.

Sometimes eating low carb-containing food can help you solve your weighting problem. Experts also suggest that changing your diet from high carb to low carb food may give you results that you have thought of along with lowering your blood sugar level as well. Let’s discuss the low carb foods for weight loss below;

What are Low Carb Diet Foods?

Low carb diet food, as defined by Wikipedia, is the diets that restrict the content of carbohydrate consumption relative to the average diet and emphasizes food that is high in protein and fat.

Hence this can be better for your weight control. Also, studies have proved that low carb food is way more helpful than low-fat food for your weight control. If you want to give this a try below are 12 food that has low carbohydrate content in them;


Eggs are a very nutritious food that consists of fat, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, and other nutritions. These are very good replacements for your healthy diet.

Also, while you eat eggs in the morning, it reduces your craving for other foods the whole day. Eggs are high in protein content, which is very good for weight loss promotion. Thus eating eggs can be helpful.

How many carbs do eggs contain?

  • 0.6g – Boiled
  • 0.4g – Fried
  • 0.4g – Omelet
  • 0.4g – Poached
  • · 0.4g- Raw
  • 1.9g – Raw goose
  • 0.0g – Raw quail
  • 1g – Scrambled
  • 0.2g – White
  • 0.6g – Yolk raw


Shellfish are the animals living on the water with cells on them. These are highly nutritious as well. Crayfish, crabs, oysters, lobsters, etc. can be the example of shellfish.

Being filled with good fat, healthy micronutrients, and lean protein, this can be good for both your mind, immune system, and your body.

How many carbs does a shellfish contain?

  • 11g – Abalone, fried
  • 12g – Oyster, Eastern, breaded and fried
  • 16g – Whelk
  • 0.2g – Shrimp, coked
  • 7g – Mussels, blue, cooked
  • 5g – Scallops Steamed


Asparagus is another low carb-containing food. This has high water content, low calorie with soluble and insoluble fiber. And everybody knows high fiber content is good for your weight loss.

How many carbs does asparagus contain?

  • 3.9 g asparagus
  • 4.1g asparagus boiled


Chicken is another low carb food enriched with several nutrients like protein, vitamin B, calcium, and selenium. It just doesn’t contain fewer carbohydrates but less fat and is low in calories. Eating chicken mostly can fulfill your food thirst and make you lose weight as well.

How many carbs does chicken contain per 100 grams?

· Carbs – Zero grams

Bell peppers

The number of calories that you consume is very less while you intake bell peppers. This is also a low carb food which is helpful for your weight loss.

Because of the nutrients present in bell pepper, these are good for cancer, heart disease improves your immune and is even good during pregnancy.

How many carbs do bell peppers contain per 100 grams?

  • 9g – chili peppers green
  • 9g – chili peppers red


Cucumbers are best for your weight loss diet. These also increase the water content in your body, keeping you full. While you combine cucumber (rich in vitamin C and a few amounts of vitamin A.

Along with low carb) with protein-rich food, your weight loss journey becomes perfect and easy. Alone cucumber cannot help because it lacks better protein, and protein is important for fast weight loss.

How many carbs does cucumber contain?

  • 3.6g- Cucumber
  • 2.2g – Peeled Cucumber
  • 2.3 – Fermented cucumbers


Another food you can substitute for weight loss is cauliflower. Adding cauliflower to your diet is best because it is high in fiber and contains low calories.

Intaking a lot of cauliflower does not cause weight gain. It keeps you full and makes you crave less for other foods that can make you overweight.

How many carbs does cauliflower contain per 100 grams?

  • 5g – cauliflower
  • 4.1g – cauliflower Boiled
  • 6g – cauliflower Green
  • 6g cauliflower green cooked


Eggplant, because of its low-calorie content and high in fiber, are considered best for weight loss. However, People who are on a weight loss journey can take this in spite of other foods that enhance your weight.

How many carbs does egg pant contain?

  • 6g – Eggplant
  • 9g – Eggplant, boiled


Tomatoes are another food that you can add to your diet. Eating tomato soup or salad can improve your metabolism and makes you healthier. It also helps in dealing with several other health problems.

Enriched with several proteins, fiber, and other nutrients, these are considered good for obese people because of the low calorie it provides. Adding tomatoes to your diet can do wonders for your weight.

How many carbs do tomatoes contain per 100 grams?

  • 4.2g – Tomato juice
  • 3.9g – Tomatoes red
  • 3.2g – Tomatoes orange
  • 13g – Tomatoes red, stewed
  • 7g – Canned tomatoes
  • 5g – Tomatoes green
  • 4g – Tomatoes, red, cooked
  • 4g – Tomatoes canned
  • 3g – tomatoes yellow


While you are talking about low carbs foods, mushrooms are one of them. Loaded with lots of nutrients and is rich in fiber, these also facilitate your weight loss journey. These are enrolled with low calories, high energy density but are cholesterol-free with few fats in them

How many cars does mushroom contain?

  • 3.3g – per (100 g)
  • 3.1g – 1 cup, whole (96 g)
  • 2.3g – 1 cup pieces or slices(70 g)
  • 1.1g – 0.5cup pieces (35 g)
  • 0.7g – 1 large (23 g)
  • 0.6g – 1 medium (18g)
  • 0.3g – 1 small (10g)
  • 0.2g – 1 slice (6g)


Cheese is an excellent source of calcium and low calories, among many other nutrients. There are over 400 different types of cheese in the world with different nutritional values.

To lose weight with cheese, opt to eat fresh cheeses but make sure they are low in both fat and salt. However, eating cheese is not a very good idea for everyone in case of weight loss, but managing your quantity of eating can help you with a healthy metabolism.

How many carbs does cheese contain?

  • 5g – Swiss cheese
  • 4.1g – Parmesan cheese
  • 4.1g – Feta cheese
  • 3.4g – Cottage cheese creamed
  • 3.1g – Mozzarella cheese
  • 3g – Ricotta cheese
  • 2.5G – Queso Blanco
  • 2.3g – Blue cheese
  • 2.2g – Gouda cheese
  • 2.1g – Provolone cheese
  • 2g – Roquefort
  • 1.6g – Fontina
  • 1.4G – Edam cheese
  • 1.3g Cheddar cheese
  • 0.7g – Monterey jack cheese
  • 0.5g – Camembert cheese
  • 0.4g – Gruyere
  • 0.1g – Goat cheese


Broccoli is a low carbohydrate and fat burning vegetable, which is considered very good for weight loss. It is enriched with vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, and fiber.

This can aid in reducing the risk of cancer, eye problem, heart disease, and aging, along with your weight loss.

How many carbs does broccoli contain per 100 grams?

  • 7g – Broccoli
  • 7g – Broccoli, boiled
  • 5g – Broccoli, leaves
  • 3.1g – Broccoli Rabb, cooked
  • 3.8g – Chinese broccoli, cook

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